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Meet pmXcite the Podcast

(Over 25,000 downloads and growing episode by episode - Yes because it is that GOOD!)

Introducing pmXcite - 'The Podcast' – your new FREE thrill ride into the heart and soul of the property management game! Hosted by none other than Australia's #1 Property Management Consultant, the brilliant Terri Handy, this podcast is like a VIP backstage pass to the property management world! 🚀

✅ Level up your business
✅ Handle your squad like a PRO
✅ Nail marketing tricks that make your competitors' heads spin
✅ Crack the code on systems & processes
✅ Re-invent your communication and Agency voice
✅ YEP, she's covering it all, and she's just getting started! 🎊

But wait, strap in because we're not just cruising – we're ACCELERATING! This podcast isn't just about covering the basics; it's about being your wingman, boosting your game, and high-fiving the industry all the way to SUCCESSVILLE! 🏆

So, grab those earbuds, kick back with style, and plunge headfirst into the nitty-gritty of property management. No fluff here, friends – just PURE, UNADULTERATED GOOD STUFF! 🎧✨

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Our Powerful Property Management Solutions

Discover a trio of transformative solutions that pmXcite brings to Property Management Agencies like yours:

"PM Activate" tackles the skills shortage and empowers job seekers to identify transferrable skills that will allow them to begin their journey to becoming skilled property managers, "PM Essentials" sets the gold standard in training for both newcomers and experienced property managers alike, and "PM Connect" provides access to a wealth of templates, advice, workshops, and case studies that drive positive and accountable change in your agency. Choose pmXcite to unlock potential, redefine excellence, and thrive in the demanding world of property management.

Property Management has a skills shortage crisis!

Designed for Employment Service Providers and their Jobseekers

PM Activate helps job seekers to self-identify transferrable skills, understand where and how to gain industry certification requirements, prepare for interviews and kickstart their new career role in property management.

This is not just a theoretical program, participants not only identify transferrable skills but also build real-world sought-after industry skills through learning the art of conducting gold-standard Routine Inspections. This will make them stand out throughout the recruitment and interviewing process with potential employers.

We're not just standing idly by in this crisis we're proactively part of the solution! 

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Property Management excellence is within reach!

Designed for both PM newcomers or seasoned professionals

This premium online program offers 10 comprehensive modules, encompassing 35 video lessons, to empower you with the skills, knowledge, and processes needed to excel in every facet of property management. Led by industry expert Terri Handy, PM Essentials equips you to provide exceptional service, master communication, streamline leasing, tackle arrears, conduct seamless inspections, optimise lease renewals, navigate repairs and maintenance, bid farewell to tenants gracefully, manage your time effectively, and confidently address client transitions.

It's time to elevate your expertise, cultivate harmonious landlord-tenant relationships, and ensure remarkable outcomes for your agency.


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Level Up Your Agency for Unmatched Success!

Elevate your agency's potential by joining forces with PM Connect – your gateway to a wealth of resources and expert guidance, all at your fingertips. Immerse yourself in our Innovation Network and transform your agency's communication, strategies, and growth trajectory.

As a valued member of PM Connect, you'll unlock a treasure trove of benefits, including an extensive collection of powerful landlord and tenant communication templates. Gain insights and advice directly from Terri Handy, attend monthly workshops that address current industry trends and pressing needs, utilise meticulously crafted team training plans, and access the pinnacle of owner newsletter templates for seamless communication. Real-world case studies enriched with practical implementation plans.

PM Connect is more than just a membership – it's your key to elevating your agency's performance, standing out in the industry, and redefining what it means to excel in property management.

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Why Choose pmXcite? Here's Why!

🚀 Unparalleled Expertise: With Terri Handy at the helm, your success is GUARANTEED! Her expertise is not just unrivalled; it's a MASTERCLASS in property management. You want guidance? Get the BEST with pmXcite! 🌟

📚 Comprehensive Solutions: Whether you're a budding property management star or a seasoned pro, pmXcite's got YOU covered! Identify untapped potential, upgrade to world-class practices, and find your agency's unique voice that makes you SHINE above the rest! We've got it all, and we're here to empower YOU! 💥

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